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Kefalas is one of the villages that consists in municipal district of Therapnes, which lies 14km from Sparta, located in the foothills of Parnonas Mountain. The current name of the municipallity(same as the old region name), originates from the ancient city of Lakonia Therapnes. On the left bank of Evrotas River and southeast of Sparta, in the mythical and prehistoric years was the city Therapnai or Therapni, which traditionally took its name after the daughter of Lelega, who was the indigenous first king of Lakonia. The city was built on a hill top where there was a temple of Menelaos and all the hills around it were named Menelaio. There was also a sanctuary of Heleni, where according to the writings of Herodotus, mothers were going to heal their deformed children. It is said that in the sanctuary there were the graves of Menelaos and Heleni. During the historical years the city was a gathering center for Spartan citizens.

Kefalas is located in an altitude of 400 meters. It has a mild Mediterranean climate and the first reposrts on plant population range from the Venetian era. The village is buil amphitheatrically, and has many traditional narrow streets and picturesque view of Taigetos Mountain. In the present form the village begun its development around 1835 with 33 residents according to the census(according to a previous census by the Venetian conquerors of Peloponnisos at 1750, Kefalas had 24 residents). Considering the population - demographic changes of the village from 1940 to 1950, Kefalas had about 450 residents. The unemployment, the difficulties that came from the German occupation and the civil war led the youngest residents to immigrate in search of a better life in the U.S., Canada or Australia. In the 1981 - 1991 decade the population increased about 2,5% and the current population is 320 residents.

The residents traditionally deal with agricultural and cattle-breeding activities.

Organic agricilture started at 1995 with the encouragment of the former local president and founding member of the producers team Athanasios Maltezos. Initially all the village farmers joined organic agriculture, thus creating the unique "organic farming pocket". Afterwards the interest about producing organic products expanded also in animal husbandry. As a result 40% of the population, consists of people under 45 years old who have made serious investments in organic agriculture and have joined European Union's progrmams about "Young Farmers".


The motives that led to our inclusion in this kind of cultivation were:

  1. The clean enviroment
  2. Good health(farmers - consumers)
  3. The quality products( which is more desirable for the consumers)
  4. The existence af many young people in the village, with many modern ideas.

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