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In Laconia, not far from Ancient Sparta and near to the river Eurotas, on the foot on mountain Parnon, there is a village called Kefalas. Here, over an area of 600 hectares of fertile land, at an altitude of 400 meters with excellent weather conditions, we cultivate olive trees, using techniques which respect man and his environment without any chemicals.
This organic cultivation started in 1995 and in order to produce and trade our products in a better way, we have founded the company KEFALAS-SPARTA S.A.
The prime aim and concern of our company is the strict application of the techniques and methods of organic agriculture, at every stage of the production process (tree cultivation without the use of chemicals and fertilizers, harvesting of the olives in a traditional way, crashing at low temperatures, packing, storing and distribution to the consumer under the continious supervising and inspection).
The company and its products are certified according to the European Common Market Regulation (Ε.Κ.)  834/2007 and from 2002 according to the standards of National Organic Program USDA and BIO SUISSE. Moreover, our company is certificated for the installation and application of the quality management system ISO 9001:2000 and also of the food safety management system ISO 22000:2005.
Thus, we can offer the amazing, excellent, organically grown products which together with the quantity of production make the company unique in its field.

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